'Mjolnir' AM-H 53
Eat3d mech final render by mikejensen-d3a9d6e
"Mjolnir ready!"


Several, notably Illiea Cassan


Catalyst Defense Solutions




  • Fists
  • Several optional weapons



Special Abilities

  • Energy Shielding
  • Many weapon options to fit any role
  • Thick armour
  • Large enough to crush small HMVs and vehicles underfoot.


Catalyst Defense Solutions


Absolutely freakin' huge



The AM-H 53 mech, dubbed 'Mjolnir' by CDS staff, was regarded as one of the most powerful mass production mechs. Origionally designed to work on building sites, the Mjolnir was quickly taken by freelancers as close-range assault mechs.

Although there are several weapons avaliable, including scatterguns, cannons and lasers, the stock model is sold unarmed. However, the mech's great strength means that it is still extremely dangerous.

The major disadvantage of the Mjolnir mechs is their maneuverability. Although extremely powerful and resiliant, several lighter mechs (or very heavily armed infantry) attacking at once stand a very good chance of winning, as long as they can keep away from the huge feet of the red behemoth.

The Mjolnir mech is capable of crushing buildings easily, as well as several medium sized mechs. However, due to its weakness to small units, it requires an escort of smaller vehicles, such as Hound or Anarchist tanks, or Pioneer mechs.

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