With engine and steel the Federation will never fall.

–Motto of the 14th VCB.

14th Vehicular Combat Brigade
14th Vehicular Combat Brigade
Nothing like the sound of an engine roaring in the morning.


Northern Federation


Northern Rim


  • Northern Rim
  • Northern Federation


Vehicular Assault Unit



  • Assault
  • Urban Warfare
  • Defensive Warfare
  • Amphibious Warfare
  • Fast Attack




The 14th Vehicular Combat Brigade is an advanced, highly skilled vehicular regiment specializing in HMV combat operations and anti-armour. The 14th VCB is well-known among the Northern Federation and is well-respected across the military. Any military unit who has the support of the 14th VCB get a huge morale boost because of the unit's fame and success. The 14th VCB is often the first ones into combat and the last ones out, and when at war one of their units are almost always on a mission. They saw combat all throughout the Xeno-Federation War as well as various Black Operations missions across the rest of the Galaxy, never leaving a trace that the Federation was responsible for the attack.


When the HMVs were created, the Northstar Alliance used them to push back the Union of Soviet Systems and win the Great Northern War. Upon the war's end and the creation of the Northern Federation in 57 AF, the leaders of the Federation noted the effectiveness of the Chernobyl Assault Mech in combat, and immediately found other ways of using these new combat units to more effectively defend the Federation and learned a lot about vehicular combat. Thus, an entirely new branch of military was formed, and part of this branch was the 14th VCB.

The unit used several Chernobyl Assault Mechs as well as several HA-3235 Heavy Assault Mech, with support from several Rattlesnake Light Reconnaissance Vehicles as well as several Grizzly Main Battle Tanks. They also have air support from several Osprey Strike Craft.

The 14th VCB is divided into several companies, ranging from A to F. Each company has the same requirements for joining, and are placed into a Company after the trials to get in are complete as well as training.



  • A Company "Amber"
  • B Company "Blue"
  • C Company "Crimson"
  • D Company "Drab"
  • E Company "Emerald"
  • F Company "Fuschsia"

Notable UnitsEdit

Emerald CompanyEdit

  • Fire Team Ice
  • Fire Team Earth
    • Captain Kseniya Selin - KIA
    • Lieutenant Maksim Ozli - Active
    • Sergeant Ilya Ashliy - KIA
    • Private Nazar Beliy - Active
    • Private Petia Zeliv - Active
  • Fire Team Thunder
  • Grizzly Red Squadron
    • Red-One
    • Red-Two
    • Red-Three
    • Red-Four
    • Red-Five
    • Red-Six
  • Grizzly Blue Squadron
    • Blue-One
    • Blue-Two
    • Blue-Three
    • Blue-Four
    • Blue-Five
    • Blue-Six

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