They want to die for their planet. Oblige them.

–Unnamed 75th shock trooper.

75th Shock Regiment


Royal Ossyrian Military


Ossyrian Military Special Warfare Command


  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Direct Action
  • Counter-Terrorism/Insurgency
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Information Operations
  • Personnel Recovery


  • Special Forces and Operations
  • Orbital and Airborne Insertion/Combat Operations


3,000 - 5,000 strong


  • Brigadier General Kevin Straham †




The armour set (Special Combat Operations Uniform or SCOU) may look similar to the standard issue Ossyrian Combat Utility Uniform (OCUU), however the new uniform combat system used by the 75th Shock Troop is much more efficient and notably expensive (each suit alone is equal to the cost of a fully staffed frigate). The helmet directly connects with the user's upgraded neurological implant creating a HUD and it is also able to relay information about the user's current weapon systems. This allows the user to see the number of ammunition left in each weapon on their person right down to the individual bullet and type of ammunition stored. Other built in features includes a flashlight, night vision, infrared vision, a 20x zoom optics, morphine administrator, and toxin antidote administrator which neutralizes up to seventy five known neurotoxins. The suit, using the neurological implant, regulates the suits temperature. The inner body suit absorbs moisture and it also acts as waste removal (a new adaptation since users of the OCUU complain about having to shed armour in order to take a piss). The suit reacts heavily to the electrical impulses the body creates amplifying the users actions greatly. Because of this, users of the SCOU are to undergo a biological augmentation process as well as receiving an upgraded neurological implant. Otherwise the suit will kill the occupant either by crushed organs or massive brain hemorrhaging.

The armour system is able to divert power to increase durability under hostile circumstances by tightening the outer metallic weave creating a dense shell. It should be noted that while in this armoured mode, the suit is unable to increase the physical characteristics of the user until the suit returns to normal systems. Commanders have the ability to remotely destroy any user's suit (via fusion pack) once the occupant registers as deceased for more than five hours. Though the built in defibrillator normally revives a user within this time period.

As of 87 AF, all users of the SCOU have either been listed as KIA or MIA. The possibility of a reproduction of the SCOU exists, however, it is highly unlikely that a third party can achieve maximum effectiveness without the original blueprints that were thought to have been destroyed in 87 AF to prevent Tyran capture.


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