AK Makarov pistol
AK Makarov pistol


Northern Rim


Union of Soviet Systems


730 g (26 oz)


161.5 mm (6.34 in)


29.4 mm (1.16 in)


315 m/s (1,033 ft/s)


50 m (54.7 yd)


8 round magazine

The AK Makarov Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol originally used by the Union of Soviet Systems. The versatility and overall balanced features of the handgun help spread to other factions, and is now one of the most widespread and common weapons in the known universe.


During the assault on Suvorov by the Union of Soviet Systems in 38 AF, the communist infantry met heavier resistance by local forces. The idea of a stronger sidearm for troops and partisans was established, and designs for a perfect, balanced handgun were in the works. The pistol was finished in time to combat the Northstar Alliance.

During the twelve year war against the Alliance, the AK Makarov became a standard weapon for all soldiers to carry alongside their main weapons. The balanced handgun was a useful tool, until the invention of H.M.V.'s. With the dawn of mechanized infantry, the way war was fought changed. The massive production of AK Makarov's seemed useless against large mechanical soldiers, and was soon being sold off to help pay debts.

Despite the Union of Soviet Systems loss in the Great Northern War, the AK Makarov was still revered as such a versatile weapon that both militaries and insurgents wanted the weapon. The Northern Federation would go on to secure the rights of the handgun, and meet supplies and demands. Despite almost half a century, the pistol has required few updates or modifications. Instead, the iconic pistol was made easier to accessorize with custom pieces.


By 90 AF, the AK Makarov had become such a useful weapon that customization and modification of the gun had spawned an industry of its own. Throughout the galaxies, companies and gangs released or used these parts for combat. The following is a list of some of accessories sold throughout the galaxy:


AK Makarov with extended magazine accessory

  • AKM Supressor Attachment
  • AKM Flashlight Attachment
  • Kitsune LG Iron Sight Adjustment
  • AKM Extended Magazine
  • 'Hell's Hold-Up' (Double AKM Extended Magazines attached together)
  • AKM Laser-Optic Sight
  • Bukin Reinforced Slide
  • Bukin Balanced Handle
  • 'Vegas Special' (Conversion to Full Auto)
  • 'Canis Fang' (Serrated bayonet)
  • Kitsune LG Holo-Optic Sight
  • AKM Rail-attachment
  • AKM Holoscope x10
  • Tyran Oversized Pistol Clip
  • Bukin 'Widowmaker' Holoscope x50
  • AKM Stock Attachment
  • Erachin Industries Guide-AIM System
  • Ossyrian Muzzle Assist
  • Ossyrian Perfect Rifling
  • 'Orihara's Guiding Hand' (Calibrated Recoil Springs)

Famous ExamplesEdit

The following is a list of characters who used an AK Makarov in combat:

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