Guard duty by talros-d36xnrhWeapons:

  • 1 Kull Industries Heavy Ballistic Rifle w/ armor-piercing rounds
  • 3 "Barracuda" missile bays
  • Magnetic Harpoon with tow-line
  • Kinetic Energy blade concealed in the wrist.
  • Advanced Targeting Computer Array

After The Scourge was nearly obliterated by enemy plasma-fire, it became clear that to continue her career, Ivanna would need an HMV that could take heavier hits without sacrificing mobility. Enter: Reverent, a military-grade mech designed for heavy firepower and effective elimination of enemy positions. Ivanna has said it was the best decision she has ever made, and has affectionately started referring to the HMV as "Lover".

Since coming into Ivanna's care, the Reverent has received a few upgrades of its own. The armor has been replaced with a lighter, more durable alloy, jump-jets have been installed in the knee and shoulder hardpoints, and an enhanced targeting system has been installed in the HMV's computer, allowing her to maintain her fast-paced combat style in her new mech.

Special Attributes: The Reverent is equipped with an array of tactical software patches, fueled by a small Artificial Intelligence core, which allows Ivanna to better utilize her HMV's capabilities in combat, including infrared vision, target acquisition and critical weak-point detection. In addition, the mech hosts a strategic Heads Up Display, affording a detailed view of the battlefield, which Ivanna can share with her squad mates.

Mech Origins: The Reverent was purchased on The Black Market, pure and simple. Through working with the Paladins, and through her endeavors at her laboratory, the female bounty hunter has acquired a not insignificant amount of money, which she's poured into making her mech one of the most advanced in the arsenal, ready to tear into the Empire's tender regions, all in the name of anarchy.

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