Adeline Klasby
Adeline Klasby
Right Hand

Full Name

Adeline Sophia Klasby


Lost Children PMC

Date of Birth

95 AF






Assault Rifle





Adeline Klasby is a soldier in the Lost Children PMC. She is noted for her astonishing record of missions accomplished as sergeant to the unique squad 'Daughters of Venus' as well as extraordinary feats of bravery.


Supposedly born on a backwater planet during the Travestii invasion, Adeline Klasby was orphaned as an infant and left to the mercy of the world. She was taken in by refugees who soon became casualties just months later. Constant contradicting evidence and testimonies make it impossible to actually verify Klasby's claim; it's noted that Adeline was probably never born near her claimed planet nor raised by refugees.

Sabishii Okaasan recovered the dirty, ruined child from the hands of war on the planet of Leipzburg and raised the child into the first generation of youth soldiers. Adeline soon became devoted to her mentor and pledged her allegiance to the Lost Children PMC. The strongest PMC on the market soon became unstoppable with booms in funding and armed with more firepower than a national military. Klasby was promoted to sergeant of the newly formed 'Daughters of Venus', a female-only special operations division. Klasby soon became responsible for dozens of black ops, covert and sabotage missions successfully accomplished.

In 120 AF, Adeline was promoted to the second highest rank of Field Commander and placed in charge of affairs for Sabishii's leave of absence.

AK 2

Adeline, in full Lost Children battle armor


Years and years of constant military life removed the ounces of joy from her and replaced them with iron will and focus. Her voice is sharp and brisk from barking orders. Adeline is not a fan of jokes or pranks; her work is her life and one shouldn't joke with so much power under their belt. Although quiet and easily annoyed, Adeline does enjoy company very much, especially if they're old friends from battle.


Lost Children firearm training has given Klasby a general knowledge for virtually any firearm but with precision in rapid-fire and burst weapons. Adeline would usually opt for missions with heavy assault rifles or SMGs coupled with explosives. Stealth missions were silenced weapons with astounding demonstrations in survival knife tactics.


Main article: QU-Shu

The default mecha for the Lost Children, the QU-Shu HMV models were perfect to be modified and altered on a pilot's style. Kyushu was Adeline's squad leader mecha, stripped of its paint job and buffed up with more armor.

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