Let me tell you, growing up on that grass world, you learned some thing no other planet in the Federation did. You learned what hard work really meant. Without the people of Alatyr, the Federation would starve. Most people don't know that or how hard you have to work to make that happen.

Grigori Vladerov on Alatyr, his Homeworld

On the Rolling Plains


20,541 kilometers (12,763.6 mi)

Length of Day

35 Hours

Length of Year

365 Days


1 atm





  • Democratic Republic (Before Great Northern War)
  • Democratic Socialist (Current)




Alatyr is a planet located in the Northern Rim, and is one of the Federation's 11 Core Worlds. Responsible for the vast majority of food production for the entirety of the Federation, Alatyr has many farms and the vast majority of its population work on the farmlands that Alatyr is well-known for. Alatyr's capital city, which is also the planet's only city, is Niev.


Alatyr's surface is covered in grassy plains, which make up for about 95% of the planet's surface, making it ideal as a farming world and where the vast majority of food for the entirety of the Federation is produced. It also has a few boreal forests and a single, large ocean. There is only one city on the entirety of the planet, Niev, where the vast majority of food production goes for shipping to the other worlds in the Federation.

Due to this, Alatyr is almost entirely rural, occupied by mostly small towns or villages that make use of the massive farmland available on the planet to produce the food the Federation so desperately need. These farms are massive, and cover a very large portion of land for a single farm. However, thanks to new technologies managing the massive farms are relatively simple, and allows for incredibly high yields to keep up with the high demand of food put on them from the rest of the Federation.

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