Ark 90027HK
Novus aeterno verunas fortress class final by phoenix 06-d4r0rml
The Tenacious Leaders Who Fought with Mighty Vigor


Colony Vessel


740 metres (Estimated)


3 metres Unknown Material






  • Sentry Drones
  • Automated Defenses







Ark 90027HK, or The Tenacious Leaders Who Fought with Mighty Vigor, is a vessel created by the World Builders for the sole purpose of transporting the human Exiles. After sustaining severe damage by an asteroid, the vessel went off course and crash landed in 37 AF. Currently, the vessel resides in an arctic planet in the Southern Rim.



The wreck by ashmantle-d4loz62

The remains of Ark 90027HK.

The vessel departed the galaxy in 10,775 (Builder Time) with one hundred human Exiles destined for the Triton galaxy. It traveled for three hundred years before reaching its intended destination. As it began operations for reviving the occupants inside the cryogenic stasis chambers, an asteroid collided with the hull causing severe damage. Those lucky enough to finish thawing operations survived the event, but those who were in mid-thaw suffered brain hemorrhages from the shock waves that rippled through the vessel. Others who were left in cryogenic stasis either continued their hibernation or died in their pods. Those who survived the event decided it was best that the vessel continue on the new course as they attempted to repair the damage. The vessel drifted for many more years until it entered the Mjolnir galaxy, but by this time, the conscious Exiles were on the verge of death. In their final efforts at preservation of the human occupants, the remnants revived the remaining Exiles from hibernation as the vessel plummeted into an arctic planet in the Southern Rim. Few survived the incident and a few remained in hibernation due to the ark's emergency power source. From 37 AF to 80 AF, Exiles awoken at random intervals and ventured forth into their new home.

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