Battle of Oasis




  • Death of Karl Vladick
  • Paladins flee from the war
  • Oasis falls to the Empire
  • Hydra League begins to integrate Reclaimer technology


  • Axel's Gang
  • The Paladins
  • Hydra League
  • The Reclaimers (background)
  • The Empire
  • Ray's Team

Karl Vladick delivers the leaderless Axel's gang in an assault on Oasis, a Hydra prison complex built into the ocean planet, to rescue their leader.


Yvonne leads a strike team underwater to drill through the security, culminating in a battle against Terra outside in the cells. On the surface, the other members of the group battle Karen Armstrong inside the prison yard. The Empire arrives, led by Kincaid onboard the Regal, who begins carpet bombing Oasis to eliminate both forces. Ivanna Sidorova is nearly killed in action, and Clyde McConnelly along with Fred suffer heavily from shocks delivered by Karen Armstrong. Ghost Rider sacrifices himself against Karen trying to take her down with him. She finishes him off, before fighting Karl, who finally kills her. Abraham nearly drowns, only to be saved by Haruka's grappling hooks on the Lucky Strike.

Vladick used the Jotun's strength and EMP abilities to prolong their escape, ultimately sacrifcing himself in a battle against The Demented. Khenan's Juggernaut is critically damaged for the second time. The remaining, powerless mechas were placed aboard the Albatross X5 and returned to Homeworld. With the death of the king, Kincaid is announced as the new successor and Ray is appointed as the head of private forces. The mercenaries leave Homeworld to Factory, beginning the events of Rise: Chapter 3.

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