An untested captain facing an inconceivable enemy.
Carter Helena Danvers
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Female (Born Male)
Born 88 AF
Birthplace Tenathor
Spouse(s) Walter Osteen (Ex-Husband)
  • Joanne Danvers
  • Martin Danvers
Political Information
Occupation(s) Naval Officer
Rank Captain
OOC Information
First Appearance Liars, Nukes, and Plushies

Carter Danvers is an officer in the New Ossyrian Stellar Navy, and the commanding officer of the battlestar OSS Northbound. Born as Chester Danvers, a male native of the NOR world of Tenathor, Carter is a veteran of numerous small engagements and has quickly distinguished herself since the start of the new war with the Travesti as a competent leader, if one prone to the occasional rash decision or poorly-thought-out maneuver.

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