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Occuring, naturally, after Chapter 1, is Chapter 2 of the supposed Rise trilogy. Bringing a fresh complement to the Rise universe, this roleplay developed the relationship of Axel's Gang into a brotherhood.

New AdditionsEdit


Significant HappeningsEdit

The mercenaries go on Operation: Wedding Crashers. They go to Villa, and very messily eventually succeed. Lara and Horton are killed on the exit, along with the target they had removed from the wedding. The man reveals to Axel that the reason the Paladins fight against the Empire is essentially regarding eternal life.

The mercenaries had their wounds treated when they returned to the Paladin's ship. However, this was not to last. Many of the Paladins betray Vladick for the Hydra League. Eventually all of the traitors leave or are killed, leaving less than a skelton crew for the Deity. Among those who leave are Karen, the leader of the traitors, and Axel, taken as a captive.

Vladick then leads the mercenaries to rescue Axel from his prison on Oasis, the water planet. The mercenaries split into two teams to take on the dreaded prison. Tara, the blind girl, goes to save Axel, but she is killed by Karen. The tides turn in favor of the mercenaries when the Empire arrives and starts bombing the prison. Ghost Rider dies in an attempt to take down Karen, while Vladick finishes the job. Urging the members of Axel's gang to leave, they beat a hasty retreat to fight another day. Going to the Albatross, they start their journey towards Factory.

  • The Paladins turned on each other. The loyal Paladins were essentially wiped out, and the rest following Karen in betrayal essentially die out as a whole later on. The great Jotun, driven by Karl Vladick, is beaten by Earl's Demented. This is the end of the Paladins.
  • The Hydra League may or may not first show evidence of the Reclaimer's influence in a series of odd, gushing oil blood stuff mechs on the planet Oasis.
  • Ghost Rider first shows his unique skills in rising from the dead.
  • Howard and the Mi-Go with their allies first show how truly ominous they can be, introducing strange characters and feelings straight out of Richard's mind.
  • Romances. Lots of them. Also drinking.


  • Villa
    • Villa Mansion
    • Villa's mines
    • Villa's deserts
  • The Deity
    • Deity Hangar
    • Deity Med Rooms
    • Deity Training Rooms
  • Oasis
    • Oasis Seafloor
    • Oasis Prison
    • Oasis Surface

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