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Chapter 3: Absolution is the last chapter in the Rise trilogy. Returning characters and new characters are caught in The Reclaimation War, expand previous relationships and brought closure to all.

New AdditionsEdit


Significant HappeningsEdit

Axel's gang met Decel Erachin on Factory along with his own crew of hired guns. Imperial forces led by Ray Shishigami ambushed and attacked the two groups who were forced to escape through the vast pipe network. Outside the mercenaries are attacked by Norik in an HMV battle. Combined effort from all the mercenaries (along with aid from Earl James) helped knock the Gorilla around but it was Decel's heroic sacrifice that ended him and saved the crew.

After being captured and held about the Empire's Regal the mercenaries pledged their service in exchange for medical treatment and freedom. Kincaid sends the mercenaries to Brimstone to neutralize Commander Fury. During the daring assault Reclaimers attacked as a third-party giving the mercs enough time infiltrate Fury's lair. A massive battle broke out coupled with Fury, Maxgrit (and his Tzeenosaur entourage) and a third evil shadow creature. Alliana Mikalovich detonated a jury-rigged bomb, tampering with the tetonic activity of the unstable planet (and the rift of dimensional space it occupied.) Fury's defeat in the cavern collapse along with said explosive detonation wiped out Brimstone from existence.

Reunited on Homeworld, the mercenaries stand for one final fight against the Reclaimers during the Homeworld Invasion.

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