Chernobyl Assault Mech
Chernobyl Mech
For the Motherland


Northern Federation Military


Erachin Industries




  • M6 Assault Rifle
  • M14 Shotgun
  • M2 Sniper Rifle
  • M23 Chain Gun
  • M12 Sub-Machine Gun
  • M31 Grenade Launcher
  • M50 Flamethrower
  • M3 Sidearm
  • Katana
  • Missile Pod



Special Abilities

  • Jump Packs
  • Many weapon options to fit any role
  • Good adaptability
  • Many support system options to fit any role






The Chernobyl Assault Mech is the primary HMV used in the Northern Federation Military. It is produced by Erachin Industries. It is well-known for it's variety of weapon options and support systems which allow it to be customize to fit any role or mission. They generally see use under the Vehicular branch of the military, but they have seen use in much smaller numbers as members of the Army branch as well. They have seen use since 52 AF and is still the primary HMV of the Northern Federation today.


The Chernobyl first saw use during the later stages of the Great Northern War, and was used by the Northstar Alliance to push back the Union of Soviet Systems from Moscow and eventually win the war.

It also saw a lot of combat during the Xeno-Federation War, and proved to be a very effective unit during it. It won the federation many battles in the war.


Chernobyl has a wide variety of weapon options to make it suitable for any role. The gun on it's right arm is interchangeable, and can have a variety of weapon options on them including:

  • M6 Assault Rifle
  • M14 Shotgun
  • M2 Sniper Rifle
  • M23 Chain Gun
  • M12 Sub-Machine Gun
  • M31 Grenade Launcher (pictured)
  • M50 Flamethrower

Each Chernobyl is required to take one of the above weapons options, but no more. Chernobyl pilots also have a choice between a M2 Sidearm or a katana, both of which are held in the other hand. All Chernobyl have a missile pod on it's right side.

Support SystemsEdit

Chernobyl pilots also have a wide variety of support options to choose from, which, again, allow it to adapt to any role. These systems are internal, and so not visible to enemies. Support options include:

  • Radar Jammer
  • Cloaking Field
  • Improved Jump Packs
  • Heavy Armour
  • Countermeasure systems
  • Self-Destruct
  • Teleportation system
  • Target Designator
  • Improved Targetting System

Due to limited space, Chernobyl pilots are not allowed to take any more than three support systems for both their own safety and the safety of their squad. They also come with the same standard systems most other Chernobyl have.

Combat UnitsEdit

Chernobyl are predominantly used in the Vehicular branch of the Northern Federation Military, though they are a few in the Army branch as well.

Famous UnitsEdit

The most well-known unit that uses Chernobyl Assault Mechs is the 14th Vehicular Combat Brigade.

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