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This is all I got. I ain't got nowhere else to go.
Clarice Adalie Förstner von Leipzburg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 97 AF
Birthplace Leipzburg
Political Information
Affiliation(s) Lost Children PMC
Occupation(s) Mercenary

A little out of the ordinary, unorthodox, and certainly not someone who would be seen with the Lost Children PMC. Clarice von Leipzburg, or if you were to call her by her full name, Clarice Adalie Förstner von Leipzburg, is a fierce mercenary working on numerous planets as a solo operator. Her personality as well as her methods of operation have earned her a reputation among her peers as a rather accident prone and dangerous individual. But she, like her sisters and brothers, are effective field operatives not to be taken lightly. Due to the missions she undergoes, Clarice rare has the time to socialize with her fellow mercenaries making her more of an outcast in the private military corporation.


Like the rest of her sisters and brothers in the Lost Children private military corporation, she was orphaned by warfare and left behind in ruins of a bombed out civilization. In Clarice's case, she was found by Sabishii Okaasan and her then apprentice, Jäger Redclaw, in the rubble of Goering, Leipzburg. She was but a dirty child wearing tattered and ash covered clothing resting in a bomb crater. A strange child, Clarice was neither crying or in fear of her surroundings. It seemed as if the burning world around her was nothing but another playground. Seeing the potential in Clarice, Okaasan adopted the child into the Lost Children PMC.

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