My unit and I used to break the wills of those damned Tyrans, and we were good at it too. We'd lob off the heads of the sorry bastards and catapult them into the Tyran camp before we'd attack it. The sorry shits would kill themselves the next day. Made my job that much easier.

–Gettner recalling his war memories.

Where's my god'am smokes?
Dale Gettner
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 26 AF
Died N/A
Birthplace Centuri, Ossyria
Spouse(s) N/A
Parents N/A
Children N/A
Political Information
Occupation(s) Drill Sergeant
Rank First Sergeant
Combat Information
Fighting Style
  • Close Quarters
  • Stealth
  • Shock Tactics
Combat Role Field Commander/Adviser
HMV Stalker
OOC Information
First Appearance Tragedy of the Heavenly Spirit
Last Appearance A Perfect World

First Sergeant Dale Gettner is a savage war hero from Ossyria. He served with distinction in the many wars fought for Ossyria deep within enemy territory. Being the top NCO in the Ossyrian Special Forces team SF-Alpha, Gettner had much experience leading a team of highly trained soldiers. Getter is also known for his savage techniques in psychological warfare against the enemy's of Tyrus creating a large controversial debate in Ossyria regarding his service and whether or not he should be dishonorably discharged for crimes against humanity. The Ossyrian military, however, recognizes the value for Gettner's savagery and skills and decided to fake his death. However, only the top officials in the Ossyrian military know of his existence.


First Sergeant Dale Gettner's past has been shrouded by black ink and has been subsequently locked away by the Ossyrian government. Those who do know Gettner's past have either been killed during the Fall of Ossyria, or have been sent to The Hell. What is known is that when Dale Gettner was made first sergeant, he was transferred into the Ossyrian Special Forces team Alpha. Due to the sensitive nature of the unit, his death was faked and his records burned. Dale Gettner didn't exist.

Gettner is suspected to have two grown children and a wife who has divorced him prior to his promotion. He has only mentioned his children as well as his wife only once. "Back when I was in my early thirties is when I found out the bitch was seein' another man behind my back. When I confronted her, she said I was screwin' another lady behind her back. Told her she pulled that outta' her ass to make the situation on her side. So what does she do? Divorces me and takes half my shit. I had half a mind to gut her and then commit suicide by explosion. Then the Brass wanted me to become a part of their little gun club. Why the hell not? I already gave them my marriage."

List of AppearancesEdit

  • Tragedy of the Heavenly Spirit
  • Tragedy of the Heavenly Spirit II
  • A Perfect World


Retirement's hard, thought about sellin' anythin' that's worth a damn then buy a little property out in the country side. But the government will find anythin' to tax you on. Then, I thought about using that money to buy as much explosives as I can fit into the Stalker and commit suicide by Dallas. Hell, easiest retirement plan I made so far.

–Dale Gettner to David Matthias.

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