Species Type Flightless Avian
Homeworld Deinocharra
Conservation Status Least Concern
Biological Information
Reproductive Method Allogamy
Average Height 145-150kg
Average Weight 2.4-3.2m
Average Lifespan 110-124 years
OOC Information
Creator Akira

Deinocharran are flightless avian sentients native to the plains world of Deinocharra in the Southern Rim. A historically proud and bright race, Deinocharrans have long prided themselves on their extremely advanced technology and brilliant military tacticians, two factors that allowed them to stay independent during the entire reign of the Empire.


Tall and dignified in their stature at all times, Deinocharrans are always far more regal than the seemingly ancient nature of their saurian physiology might lead one to believe. Rather than dirty and disheveled, they always present present themselves cleanly and nearly in public; daily bathing is the norm, and Deinocharran clothing is quite fine in it's quality.

In addition to the claws and muscled tails natural to saurians, Deinocharrans have various forms of feathers adorning their heads, backs and limbs. This plumage factors heavily into what is considered attractive in Deinocharran culture, something that stems from ancient beliefs that thicker, more color-saturated plumage indicated greater virility. Colors vary based on ethnicity, and provide the most immediate indication of any given Deinocharran's heritage.





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