Proud men of science and reason.
Deinocharran Hierarchy
Historical Information
Origin Deinocharra
Location Turin Shroud Nebula, Southwestern Rim
Time Active 1829 AD - Present
Organizational Information
Faction Type Interstallar Government
Form of Government Democratic Republic
Economic System Socialism
Capitol The Great Hall of Reason, Kaklek City, Deinocharra
Population ~3,000,000,000
Political Leaders
  • Chancellor Primary Turev Sarlinn
  • Chancellor Secondary Orlin
Military Information
Military Branch Deinocharran Self-Defense Force
Military Strength ~12,000,000
Military Headquarters Starbase Pentus, Deinocharran Orbit
Allied Factions
Neutral Factions
Enemy Factions
OOC Information
Creator Akira

A small power located in an isolated nebula in the Southern Rim, the Deinocharran Hierarchy is a socialistic republic notable for having been one of the few native Mjolniran governments to survive the invasion of humanity and the reign of the Empire. Heavily dedicated to scientific pursuits, the Hierarchy is a mostly peaceful if withdrawn nation, keen on staying out of galactic affairs whenever possible.

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