Following their arrival to the Mjolnir system in 13 AF, the Exiles have studied human technology and cultures under the disguise of what is known as The Black. In particular, while the Exile warriors slept in sleep stasis, mastermind Suliman observed the human communities that developed over the years. With the invention of the Humanoid Military Vehicle this saw great change in the way Suliman conducted combat related businesses. Adopting the general shape and structure of the interior, Suliman constructed H.M.Vs of his own. Over the years, as Exiles began to wake up from their stasis slumber, Suliman adopted these H.M.Vs for the use by Exile warriors.



The BASILISK type H.M.V is a massive machine that towers over normal H.M.Vs by so many metres. Six heavily armoured legs drive the machine over various terrains. In times of danger, the legs can rear up to the main body using the forward plates as a type of heavy shield that can deflect the majority of conventional munitions. Despite having a thin spine, the upper portion of the BASILISK houses two plasma cannons which tire superheated ionized gas retained by projected magnetic currents. The 'head' of the BASILISK fires a long projected laser able to slice through most known material in the Mjolnir galaxy. Designs are based off of World Eater SRPNT un its.

Suliman saw great pride in his machine, but only produced few of these. Of the few produced BASILISK units, half of them remain in operational condition and are currently residing in the cargo section of the crashed Exile vessel which Suliman resides in.


Balloontree 11
The LEVIATHAN is more of a death machine than anything else. Though the machine is not created by Suliman, one particular machine traveled along with the Exiles taken from the stockpiles. LEVIATHAN is created to consume and separate resources to either poison the planet or for transportation back to the ship where it was deployed. This LEVIATHAN model specializes in water. It sits in the ocean and consumes water. Within the body, a complex process separates whatever is inside into the base molecules. From there, pure oxygen is processed into the air while hydrogen is pumped back into the water. Oxygen is poisonous you know?

==Stalker==he's a beast!

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