...all stations! The Wounded Knee Protocol is in effect! Repeat... vessels are... Dallas captured... Federal Chancellor of Ossyria killed... extraction points November to Zulu...

–An unknown transmission repeated after the Fall of Ossyria.

AC 12
The fall of a superpower does not go out with a whimper, but with the screams of billions.
Fall of Ossyria
Date 11 February, 87 AF to 1 March, 88 AF (Earth Calendar)
Location Ossyria
  • Royal Ossyrian Military utterly defeated.
  • Tyran control of Ossyria.
  • Ossyrians near extinction.
  • Ossyrian lands littered with debris and irradiated.
  • Royal Ossyrian Military
  • Grand Military of Tyrus
Commanders and Leaders
  • Supreme Commander Kirby Austin † (Ossyria)
  • Grand Majester Pierce Brady (Tyrus)
Causalities and Losses
  • 1,900,000,000 Military deaths (Ossyria)
  • 6,000,000,000 Civilian deaths (Ossyria)
  • 1,200,500,000 Military deaths (Tyrus)

The Fall of Ossyria took place in 87 AF resulting in the largest loss of human life in the Southern Rim. The Fall of Ossyria saw the near extinction of the Ossyrian people as well as the destruction of the Royal Ossyrian Military. Subsequent consequences is the Devastation of Tyrus that created a lawless Southern Rim allowing slaver and mercenary bands to roam free, unchecked by the two superpowers that once ruled the systems.

Outer ColoniesEdit

Main article: OPERATION Apple of Eden

Wide success of Operation Apple of Eden allowed the Grand Tyran Military to arrive in system without becoming decimated by the Ossyrian Seventh Fleet and Fifth Fleet stationed in the outer colonies.

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