I can see them, I can see all of them. They're in my dreams, they're in my reality, and I can't escape. The dead are the lucky ones, it is the living who suffer.

–Flora Holland in her personal journal.

Girl with earphones by Szokata
Unsure about her place, where ever that may be.
Flora Holland
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 64 AF
Died 110 AF
Birthplace Ossyria
Spouse(s) Kurt Desmond
Children Amandine Krystal Desmond
Political Information
  • Soldier
  • Mercenary
Rank Corporal
Combat Information
Fighting Style Long Range Combatant
Combat Role Sharpshooter
HMV Peacekeeper
OOC Information
First Appearance In Midnight Clad
Last Appearance In Midnight Clad
Creator Klaykid

Corporal Flora Holland is an H.M.V pilot from Ossyria who is one of the twenty five surviving members of the legendary 32nd Ossyrian Mechanized Infantry. A very intelligent and timid girl, Flora gained renown in her unit by being the explosive ordinance specialist in the second battalion, fireteam Hunter Two. She developed a close relationship with her fireteam members and fell in love with Lieutenant Kurt Desmond of Hunter Two, second battalion.


Early LifeEdit

Flora Holland was born to Irene and Donatello Holland in Ossyria. Donatello Holland was a wealthy businessman and he greatly supported the Ossyrian government. He gave large amounts of money to support the war effort and also contributed a substantial amount of money to help build hospitals and veteran's homes. He married Irene Santiago, a high school calculus teacher, and the two had a single child.

Being the child of not only a wealthy business man and a mathematics teacher, Flora developed an aptitude for learning. She quickly became the top rated student in her high school class. Most regarded her as the most beautiful girl in the school, however, her shy and timid nature created a barrier between her and the other school children. She managed to have only a few friends who she kept in high regard. Then, she met the one the other children referred to as "the boy with no family". Abraham Keyes was a lonely child with absolutely no friends who would often spend the hours by himself reading about H.M.Vs and the latest military victory for Ossyria. She grew a small fascination for him as she also understood what he was going through.

During the end of her high school career, many colleges have sent her scholarship opportunities for a wide array of professions such as the medicinal field or engineering. Much to the surprise of her parents, Flora rejected each offer and enlisted in the Ossyrian military, a decision which still confuses her today.

Ossyrian MilitaryEdit

Like all soldiers, Flora had to take a standardized tests called the OMAT (Ossyrian Military Aptitude Test) to decide what field of work she would most belong in. Scoring high in all fields, the Ossyrian military gave her a choice as to what field of service she wanted to go into. She chose "Humanoid Military Vehicle operations" and thus joined the Ossyrian mechanized fighting force.

The Ossyrian military had a vast amount of H.M.V combat brigades and units, but one stuck out the most. The 32nd Ossyrian Mechanized Infantry. The top brass decided to place her in the most legendary unit to enhance the already godly fighting force. Immediately she was stuck in the second battalion, A company, Fireteam Hunter. For a while, it wasn't so bad.

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