Gigi Deelite
"Are you feeling the love, doll?"

Full Name

Giselle D'anviere Lecreux


Fashion Designer, Party Planner, CEO,


AK Makarov


63 AF (Age 27)






Groove Armada

Gigi Deelite is a successful socialite, famous for her commercial lines, parties and extravagant wealth. Her style and cultural progression have led the universe in social design for years.


Born on Vegas to two professional entertainers, Giselle D'anviere Lecreux was thrust into the good life. She took acting lessons, singing lessons, music classes and performed at early ages. She was designing her own dresses at 12, and piloting some of the most expensive vehicles in the galaxy just for fun at 18. It wasn't long before she succeeded her parents in every way. Gigi opened bars and nightclubs and her own fashion line all over the galaxy, bringing in vast amounts of wealth and fortune.

However, her great amount of money wasn't a perfect satisfaction. After throwing so many lavish parties, Gigi was bound to run into Haruka Yoshimitsu, who revealed the great beauty behind H.M.V.'s. It wasn't long before Deelite purchased her own, and threw millions into it. Unfortunately, the style of long-range combat was not in Gigi's style, and was too obsolete. Another expensive upgrade pushed her mecha into a pop-diva mecha superstar, with a great emphasis on getting close and smashing the enemy into ghetto chunks.

Unfortunately, Gigi's life was a mercenary was a short one; just like every other hobby, she soon grew tired of it and quit to return to her fabulous empire.


Gigi is the epitome of a snob; she lives and breathes high culture but is willing to 'put up' with the lower classes. Though she can be a flirt, her business and goals always come first. Deelite rarely gets angry and chooses instead spas and shopping to calm herself down.


Deelite carried a custom AK Makarov Pistol, laced with diamonds, gold and silver. Though she has no use for it as her bodyguards tend to bring their own malevolent weaponry. Gigi tends to avoid combat overall.


Main article: Groove Armada

Groove Armada is Gigi's custom mecha; built with two purposes in mind: high-speed/sub-sonic combat and showing off. The interior is much more lavish than the outside, but the Armada's blades and laser weapons are still threats.

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