A male Gizlar

Gizlar'shrofd'rterzn, commonly referred to as Gizlar in human tongue, are a species from an unnamed swampy and foresty planet on the edge of known space.

Physical AspectsEdit

Gizlar are of short stature and weight compared to humans, about 65 pounds and 2 1/2 feet tall on average. However, they have an extremely hardy biology resulting from traveling through tough muck for generations on end. They also have a slower blood flow from a smaller heart than humans. This results in a cooler body temperature and a slower pulse. They also can sustain great wounds, as they take a lot longer to lose blood and bleed out. Gizlar are very hardy in this manner. However, they are prone to taking damage from explosions and other large weapons, as they have little body to absorb excess damage. Fake limbs and body parts are common in the older members of the species present in the galaxy, as the toils of the galaxy are previously unknown to the species. Finally, Gizlar live to very, very old ages of around 800 - 900. Their skin color changes on average from a mucky yellow to a bright orange to a dark green. They breed slowly, and the population grows very rarely.


Gizlar have a disturbed history with humans in general. They were found by scientists of many species originally around the Human Year 3000. This helped them adapt quickly to the galaxy at large. However, although by the galaxy as whole thought them primitive monkeys, the scientists themselves found the Gizlar very capable, using radio technology and fossil fuels regularly, and even the beginnings of flight. With the help of the scientists, these adaptions soon boomed, allowing the Gizlar to build above the ground for the first time. However, as they began to notice this, one visiting tourist found a long dead and dried out Gizlar. Finding the pelt of the creature very decorative, a safari was soon organized to collect dead Gizlar. This outraged the species, and soon, there were safaris to kill the Gizlar and take their pelts. Many of them left their home planet for the first time, stowing away on ships and taking to the stars. When the Empire came about, this prejudice was encouraged, and the Gizlar have now become a very secretive and hidden race, with shelters of them in little clusters around the galaxy.

Notable MembersEdit

Fredasdlk'agabb'dadtytdf', or Fred

A male gizlar, with markings of a chieftain.

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