Grand Tyran Military
Honour our people, protect our children, secure our future.




2 AF - 89 AF


Military (Volunteer)


Garrison, defense, and offense.


Grand Majester Pierce Brady


  • Tyrus
  • Ossyria (87 AF - 89 AF)
  • Sulivania
  • Arabiyya


  • Grand Tyran Army
  • Tyran Air Command
  • Tyran Navy
    • Tyran Marine Corps

Originally a militia force used to ward off native alien species on Tyrus from human settlements, the Tyran militia quickly grew into the Grand Tyran Army in 15 AF. With the largest military in the Southern Rim as well as having the second strongest military (second to Ossyria) Tyrus was a force not to be messed with. The Tyran military is best remembered for their success in defeating the Ossyrian military in 87 AF, eradicating over 86% of the Ossyrian race in the span of three years.



The Tyran military isn't too far off from their Ossyrian counterparts. Although they lacked a super network of information, the Tyrans had superior air vehicles and vessels which attributed to their success in taking the planet's orbit. However, their ground vehicles and infantry units from standard ground forces to H.M.Vs were significantly weaker than their Ossyrian enemies.

Human Integration ArmourEdit

The Tyran version of the Ossyrian Combat Utility Uniform, the Tyran Human Integration Armour (or HIA) is an advanced set of powered armour. The armour protects a soldier from many forms of damage from extreme environments to physical damage. Although standard small arms are able to penetrate the very basic kits, heavier armoured units require armour piercing ammunition. The helmet of a HIA supports a heads up display that shows a user's vitals signs, communication frequencies, and other useful information. The gear itself is voice activated and remembers the genetic make up of its host. This means that Tyran HIAs can only be used by their owners. To change a kit for a heavier armoured one, all the user needs to do is deprogram the kit and switch out the memory drive into another suit.

The HIA is voice commanded and also supports a holographic interface. It creates a two dimensional display at any pointed location in front of the user directly connecting them with any desired ally or video link-up. Because the HIG uses a memory stick to operate, the HIA can also be used as an identification device if worn allowing users to access any areas, operate any vehicles, or clear any equipment as long as they have the clearance.

Tyran HIAs are versatile with many different variants depending upon the user from the heavier armoured grenadier and command units to lighter recon and sniping units.

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