Hayakawa Motors Type 16 'Akron' Hovertank
Class Medium Armored Vehicle
Role Main Battle Tank
Manufacturer Hayakawa Motors
Active 118 AF - Present
Technical Specifications
  • Commander
  • Driver
  • Main Gunner
  • Secondary Gunners (x2)
  • Mechanics (x2)
Propulsion XHS-10 Combat Hoverdrive
Range 1200 km
Power Systems MFR-1500 Microfusion Reactor
Combat Systems
Armor 1.5 Meter 60-T Battle Plate
Shields GCS-8 Light Shielding
Anti-Infantry Weaponry
  • OGC-15 Forward Autocannons (x2)
  • OGC-15 Rear Autocannons (x2)
Anti-Vehicular Weaponry
  • HWS-42 Anti-Armor Cannon (x1)
  • MMS-25 Forward Micromissile Launchers (x4)
Other Combat Systems
  • GSPN Positioning System
  • UAV Deployment Rig
OOC Information
Creator Akira

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