That man never loved us Lilith, face it. If he did he would be here, but he isn't. He left poor mom all by herself raising two kids. That is a man without honour.

–Isaac Keyes to his sister.

Headhunter by keileena
A man who wants nothing do with his father.
Isaac Julius Keyes
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 92 AF
Birthplace Westros
Political Information
Affiliation(s) Westros Defence Forces
Occupation(s) Galactic Peacekeeper
Combat Information
Fighting Style Marksman
OOC Information
First Appearance A Perfect World
Creator Klaykid

A man who is more similar to his father than he wants to be, Isaac Julius Keyes is a near image of Abraham. Brought up by a single mother has harbored a grudge inside him against his father. Earning high grades earned himself a position in the Westros Military Academy. He is currently a training H.M.V pilot.


Early YearsEdit

Isaac was born in 92 AF on Westros to Autumn Keyes. He is the fraternal twin of Lilith Keyes. Lacking a father figure, Isaac grew up taking a lot of ridicule from his peers. Initially Isaac, like his sister, had an obsession with figuring out who his father is and why his father abandoned them.

List of AppearancesEdit

  • A Perfect World

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