Jäger Redclaw
Second in Command

Real Name

Leonus Pantera


Date of Birth

81 AF






AK Makarov Pistol





Jäger Redclaw (born Leonus Pantera) was a freelance mercenary affiliated with the Lost Children Private Military Company as an unofficial second-in-command. He was a bloodthirsty soldier bent on getting the job done and nothing else.


Leonus Pantera was born into a family of extreme poverty far from home in the Eastern fringe of the galaxy. He was one of many brothers but Leonus was always first and always the best. Leonus was extremely competitive and would later take the festive spirit of a good challenge to battle. Wave after wave of countless invasions of his homeworld in the early 90's left Pantera bloodthirsty and savage. He raised his claws rather than weapons to battle his enemies (a Leperde taboo) but soon became the only survivor in the Pantera family. The feral child was soon left alone to defend nothing but ruins.

It was Sabishii Okaasan who actually rescued the adolescent circa 93-94 AF while on an unknown mission near the ruins. As one of the few (and youngest) soldiers to both challenge and keep up with her, Sabishii made it in her best interests to remove the boy from the warzone and refine him into a better soldier. He soon abandoned his old name in favor of a new title, Jäger Redclaw.

Jäger became the prototype child-soldier for the Lost Children PMC and served as Okaasan's apprentice. Together they would go on to rescue more orphaned children from battlefields and launch the first generation of Lost Children. Redclaw was content with the first batch of raised soldiers and later became the first inducted member of the Sons of Fortune squadron. However, his time as squad leader was short before Redclaw was expelled from the Lost Children.


Jäger is a bit of sociopath and takes an almost delight in spilling enemy blood, especially with his own claws. Redclaw has often been described as intimidating, brutal and blunt. Should he ever crack a joke, it'd often be morbid or disturbing.


Redclaw in LC Battle Armor


Redclaw earned his nickname from sheer CQC brutality; mastery of Okaasan's technique coupled with Leprede ferocity resulted in a vicious fighting style. Aside from melee training, Jäger is trained with all standard firearms and LC technology with a preference for stronger handguns.


Main article: QU-Shu

The default mecha for the Lost Children, the QU-Shu HMV models were perfect to be modified and altered on a pilot's style. Jäger's mecha was a CQC-assault variant with chain-fed blades, ballistic bayonets and a stolen Bukin Industries Mining Laser mounted on the shoulder. Redclaw drove his mecha too hard before it was destroyed and needed to be replaced.

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