KMSF-All Purpose Fighter 'Falcon'


Multi-Role Fighter


Kahada Motors






  • 60mm 'Bolt' Cannon
  • Eight Hardpoints
  • Internal Bomb Bay (3000lb Max)


  • Moderately Armoured
  • Aerospace Craft
  • Long-Range


  • Pilot


Kahada Union


In Service(80AF - Present)


Seeing the mondernization and rearmament of Karsol, the Kahada Union decided that it too needed to at least begin updating its aging arsenal. Far from what the Renewal Operation would bring, the Falcon, however, serves as a reminder that the Kahada Union, despite its position of being a neutral power up until late-91AF, saw the need for a warplane capable of fighting in both space and the atmosphere.

The Falcon, as it had been christened, was the result of military designers exploring the galaxy and taking notes of fighter designs before bringing them back to the Kahada Union to begin their own designs. Intending for the aircraft to serve all purposes, it was built around a powerful reactor to give the aircraft enough power to remain airborne and perform long-range operations.

It would be available for service by 80AF after extensive testing and the weapons intended for the aircraft to use were updated or built.


The Falcon is an all-purpose aircraft with eight hardpoints allowing it to carry out a wide-range of operations from interceptor to ground attack to bomber to anti-warship. With its long range, the aircraft can enter prolonged fights before needing to be called back to refuel and rearm allowing it to operate with allied forces for extensive periods of time.


The only standard weapon on the Falcon is its 60mm 'Bolt' Cannon that fires slowly, when compared to other aircraft armaments that are cannon-based. In return, the cannon can punch through most armour with considerable explosive force. This is primarily for ground-attack, though it has proven effective against other craft and HMVs.

Anything else is mission dependant from anti-tank missiles to bunker-busting bombs, the Falcon can carry it into battle via one of its eight hardpoints allowing either specialization of flexibility. Its internal bomb-bay gives the craft additional firepower against ground target or space naval warships.

Speed and DefenseEdit

The Falcon has moderate armour plating, enough to shrug off shrapnel from flak rounds and just enought to hold off light cannon fire, depending where the rounds strike with the most armour being on the wings and around the cockpit. Countermeasure systems can be installed in one of its eight hardpoints.

The aircraft itself is capable of reaching 1300km/h, though this is reduced to 1000km/h when fighting in most atmospheres due to its design which is more akin to a ground-attack craft than an interceptor.

Service and RepairEdit

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