&nbsp A relatively small coalition of planets, they are the descendants of the Canadians from Earth. They settled around a medium-sized gas giant, each moon able to sustain life in different climates that suited the inhabitants.


  • New Victoria
  • Manitoba
  • New Calgary
  • Edmonchewan
  • Kebec federations
  • New Toronto
  • Nova Mare

New VictoriaEdit

One of the core planets of the System. Great deals of exportations and importations. Its temperate weather gives it a prime choice for vacantions. Numerous universities are located there as well. However the planet is known for its great wild lands, which consist of 76% of the planet, with over half of it unexplored yet.


Temperate, though hotter than Victoria, it was the prime choice for the farmers, as it was one of the few planets that was lit by the sun of the system almost all the time, letting them harvest more than ever. Other than this, it is a pretty bland planet.

New CalgaryEdit

A relatively developped planet, it was mainly colonized due to its rich grounds. Named such because most of its inhabitants came from the region of Calgary. The only problem is that winter is there almost all year.


A contraction of Edmonton and Saskatchewan, as no one really had any ideas how to name it. Another agricultural world, though this one does a lot more out-system exportations. The population is quite small however, even more so than New Calgary.

Kebec FederationsEdit

As their ancestors, they are still trying to be a separate state. On the other side, now that they have their own planet, they feel much more at home and helping more than ever. Their really small defense force is said to be as deadly as an Ossyrian one. They are, however, underequiped. They also have some of the harshest winters, though they always come out of them unscatted. Hockey sticks are now a common weapons there.

New TorontoEdit

The core-planet, around which Ottawa is circling, a small moon where politicians go for meetings. Well not very expanded, its main cities are glorious and shining even in the darkest nights. They are really proud of themselves, but they don't do much. They are mostly managing the rest of the System.

Nova MareEdit

The water world of the System. While not being as large or important as the others, they are the second location for tourists. They also have the largest population of fishermen, most of them coming from the sea-provinces. Being poor, they were sent there. Now they are amongst the richest for all their exports of expensive and tasty fishes.


The Kahada Republics were a sacred grounds for aliens after the wars, they were integrated into the colonies and can live freely within their laws.

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