Roughest little planet of anarchy in the ‘verse


5364 Kilometers

Length of Day

17 Hours

Length of Year

200 Days



World Population

20 million


Mixed, chiefly human


Anarchist, varied



Unifying Language

Unnamed: Swahili variant


Kavu is a land of deep jungles and dry savannahs with tiny oceans breaking up the broad landmass that dominates the face of the planet. Originally a site for poor settlers from a long forgotten government, the planet is currently a completely anarchist world ravaged by warlords, foreign corporations, and other menaces. Farms lie out in the wilderness, largely alone save the wide variety of animal species that roam its surface. Town formed by multiple families dot the surface every few hundred miles or so, each generally with its own form of government and type of cooperation as these wiser groups attempt to establish survival together, and even attract some off-world attention. These towns act as focal points for outlying farms, offering a meager though stable economy to keep the scattered population on its feet.

Violence is about as common as the blades of dried savannah grass. Though largely onworld much of it is also foreign, as slavers find the hardened survivalists of Kavu to fetch good prices on their underground markets of trade. A multitude of raids borne by all sorts of blackhearted men and women are commenced almost daily. It has become a common saying amongst the people who live on this dismally violent planet that chances are with every other breath you take, someone somewhere on the planet is taking their last.


Kavu is home to three landmasses and two major oceans with dozens of smaller ones. Thick jungles mix wildly with dry savannahs and deserts, combating the popular image of the tropical islands that lie scattered across Kavu’s waters.




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