Judge anderson dredd wip by deadspeak5-d5g4afy
One of the more innocent police officers.
Keira Flynn
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 64 AF
Birthplace Homestead, Ossyria
Spouse(s) Mason Dixon
Political Information
Affiliation(s) Ossyrian Peace Corps
Occupation(s) Peace Officer
Rank Officer/Corporal
OOC Information
Creator Klaykid

Keira Flynn is an inexperienced peace officer who may have joined the wrong organization. Barely passing the Ossyrian Peace Corps standards, Keira was immediately assigned under Hassan Sayyid in the Organized Crime division. Though she doesn't know it, this was done so for her inexperience to drive Hassan's anger away from the crimes and more unto her.


Early LifeEdit

Keira Flynn was born on Ossyria in 64 AF. She led somewhat of an uninteresting lfie until 77 AF when an epidemic of the flu killed a 6% of the population in Dallas. Until she reached the age of eighteen, Keira was taken care of by the state in various foster homes. In her time as a high school student, Keira met another person who also lost parents to the flu. Mason Dixon and Keira Flynn became close friends in their freshman year and often spent the majority of their time together inside and outside school. So it is to no surprise that the two became a couple.

Police AcademyEdit

Keira married her high school sweetheart early on in her life at the age of nineteen, one year after the two graduated from high school. The two lacked certain ambition in their lives. Keira then decided to join the Ossyrian Peace Corps.


Keria is the most softhearted person in the organized crime unit of the Ossyrian Peace Corps. She believes in the values of Ossyrian law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The other officers see her as naive and 'pure of heart'. Towards her husband, Mason Dixon, she is more blunt and a bit devilish.

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