Armored Bear by codexier
Khuurs frontline soldier




7ft to 9ft

Skin/fur color

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Red
  • White

Species type

Almost humanoid

A Native species of Mjolnir in the Eastern part of the galaxy, still left very unexplored until the Reclaimer war. The Khuurs made themselves known some times after the war, when they went to meet the fleeing aliens and humans who stumbled in their system. At first very territorial, they adapted fairly quick to others.


Khuurs are large bipeds with an ability to run on all four. Their massive weight made mostly of muscle allows them to be formidable melee fighter, on par if not better than Canis. Their thick fur also allows them a natural protection from physical blows.


Khuurs still have a very tribal culture, even though they have shown to be able to operate spaceships with ease and rely on an advanced technology. Their main profiency comes in alloy-making and defense, as most of their weaponry is heavy and melee-oriented. Their meeting with new species introduced them to ranged warfare, which they were not really suited for.

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