Kodiak Dropship


Heavy Dropship


  • 50 metres


  • 37cm of Heavy Plated Titanium Armour
  • Dawnbreaker Re-Entry Shield


  • 2x 90mm Autocanons
  • 4x Countermeasure Launchers


  • Up to 460 tons of Cargo


  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot
  • Five Onboard technicians



Planetary(Capable of Re-Entry)


  • 2x High Capacity 'Tesla' Reactors



The Kodiak is a heavy dropship capable of re-entry into the atmosphere. The vessel can deliver massive amounts of cargo within the confines of it shell, having sacrificed weaponry for heavy plating to ensure its cargo can reach destination. These vessels are often used to transport groups of tanks or vehicles into battle or delivering tons of supplies thanks to its ability to carry such heavy weight without much effort.


The Kodiak project began in 72 AF with the recent joining of Karsol to the Empire by both sides deciding to come up with a joint-construction plan that involved the aging, but still usable Crown Heavy Lifters with Karsol coming up with the redesignment of the hull while the Empire focused on the shielding and engines of the new vessel.

The Crown Heavy Lifters were extensively modified, being reduced by a quarter of their original size and given a more rounded, shell-like hull and the cargo hold was given sets of storage racks allowing vehicles to be stored on different levels and the cargo hold divided up. The vessel was also stripped of its FTL Drives and the engines shortened on its wings as what would become the Kodiak would no longer have to make trips around the galaxy on its own.

By 73 AF, the first prototypes were unvieled before mass production shortly proceeded after several test-trials. From there on, the Kodiak as become reliable and well-liked by most militaries capable of obtaining it while it is hated by others who see it as an expression of tyranny due to the Kodiak's role of delivering heavy weaponry to the frontlines during invasions.


The main goal or mission of the Kodiak is to deliver in heavy cargo into battlefield from warships orbiting the planet above, carrying the initial wave of heavy armour or equipment for invasion forces before returning to bring in additional forces.

Though relatively ill-armed for true combat with only 90mm Autocannons with limited coverage, its thick shell-like hull is proof against most weapons designed to take down incoming aircraft and is equipped with countermeasures to deter incoming missiles. Its main defense, however, comes from the H.M.Vs or fighters that are meant to escort it to the dropzone.

The Kodiak also serves as a transport ship for supplies once the frontlines have been established, using their large holds to keep invasion forces resupplied.

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