Last Call
Heavy Ordinance


Sabishii Okaasan


Lost Children PMC


Ranged Offense


  • Extreme Firepower
  • Thick Plating


  • Assault Cannon
  • Backmounted Missile Launchers
  • Hipmounted Grenade Pods




  • Heavy Damage
  • Tank-like Point Man

Color Scheme

Black, Yellow

Last Call is an H.M.V operated by Sabishii Okaasan.

Origins and HistoryEdit

The original foundation of Last Call is actually from stolen Cerberus plans before 100 AF, pieced together from the same line that would later go on to be the CQC-D300 line. How Okaasan acquired the plans is unknown.

Close quarters combat was too risky against the sheer amount of HMVs in battles; Instead, Okaasan shifted her focus onto ranged weapons. Last Call was formatted her HMV to stack multiple heavy weapons without penalty. Occasionally Sabishii will swap out certain weapons for others depending on said situation, but the standard line is always kept loaded and fueled.


As a bipedal mecha, the Last Call is capable of using most non-attached HMV weapons. However the standard line-up (and how Last Call is always kept outside of certain missions) uses an LC-HMV Assault Rifle with support through a back-mounted quad-missile launcher for larger targets and hipmounted grenade launchers to combat infantry.

Other armaments include an exchange of the missile launcher for a plasma cannon or bringing an extra LC-HMV Railgun Rifle.

Special Attributes and EquipmentEdit

Last Call's position as a ranged-weapon monster requires certain qualifications. The HMV features extra storage units of ammunition, a high missile capacity and storage units to deploy supplies for foot-slogging infantry.

All targeting and HUD-data are advanced software with interlinking squad mechanics, including sight, heart rate, HMV diagnosis and more. Last Call features an advanced cockpit with an even more cutting edge operating system unable to run on any other LC models. The augmented reality upgrade lets Last Call be the ultimate soldier on the battlefield.

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