Forever war torn


11,462 kilometers

Length of Day

25 hours

Length of Year

399 days


1.0 atm

Population (Residence)







Leipzburg is a planet in the Southern Rim. While originally an agricultural planet and colony, Leipzburg soon fell to countless civil wars, invasions and bandits and has yet to recover.


The planet itself is not actually a planet, but rather a large moon. It was primarily an agrarian planet with lush flat plains and tall mountain ranges. Settlers have lived on Leipzburg but it wasn't through intervention around 48 AF that the planet gathered itself and became a fully industrial and governed planet.

In 54 AF Leipzburg was split in a tragic civil war that resulted in the death of thousands. What followed were multiple wars for territory, invasion and anarchy for decades. Every attempt to reorganize and aid the collapsing society would only push the group further into destruction. By the 70's bandits and pirates became a legitimate threat to raid the once-peaceful-now-violent moon.

By the early 90's Leipzburg had essentially gone quiet in the universe; there was little action or attention was needed. Instead whatever new force invaded or whatever coupe started would simply result in an unnamed war on the already bombed-out cities and artillery-torn countrysides.

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