Leprede share many of the same physiological features of cats. They have adept night-vision and incredible reflexes. They’re also adept climbers and acrobats.

These cat-like humanoids also have highly sensitive whiskers, which combined with their natural reflexes and sharp sense of smell make them very wary aliens. They also have natural claws, though they can sheath in their hands and extend not only by through but also through reflex, such as scrabbling for something to grab onto when a jump didn’t go quite as planned. Leprede also have very sharp, filed teeth that are around the same size of an average human’s though much, much sharper.


Leprede, ever self-serving and lax, have perhaps one of the most relatively peaceful histories in the galaxy. Survival-focused and conniving, the only real violence they've ever committed on their home-world was in the form of assassinations and coups as the typical factions arose out of their ancient hunter-gatherer society in the progress of natural history.

Nowadays Therianos is divided into several nations with no real difference except for their past formation. They hold each other in suspicion and waryness but only minor skirmishes or incidents have occurred rather than serious-scale warfare, the ruling elite unwilling to sacrifice their own resources over something as destructive as that. But at any rate the planet functions well enough, even if it isn't entirely united as others.


Leprede are the opposites of their neighboring Canis in almost every way. Where Canis are fierce and loyal, Leprede tend to be self-serving and relaxed.

Despite this, Leprede love to race. They have an almost all-consuming need for speed, and boast some of the fastest, frailest, and most dangerous vehicles in the galaxy. For them, social status is won by break-neck dare-devil racing. To signify victories, Leprede tend to take a brief surgery in which jewels are inserted into their incisors: This lets them show off their winning streak with naught but a haughty grin.

Mountain-climbing and acrobatics are also a favorite pastime for this agile species, and often incorporated into foot-races. Leprede mercenaries are highly regarded as some of the best scouts and forward observers money can buy with their excellent night vision and incredible agility. It’s a common phenomenon that a Leprede always lands on its feet (Though that’s actually derived from the motto of one of their defense force parachute regiments, known to have one of the highest landing failure rates on the planet).

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