Roses are red. Violets are blue. Humans are weak. And aliens too.
Tumblr lx4rljFQYD1qgu4gco1 1280
A mad scientist.




  • Created 10,550 (Builder Timeline)
  • 10,775 (Exiled in Builder Time)
  • 37 AF (Arrived in Mjolnir)
  • Awoken in 42 AF


Mad Scientist

Notorious in the ranks of the Exiles for being madder than a hatter, Lexine is referred to as the "One Who is Lost Beyond Recognition". Or in terms understandable to the Mjolnir galaxy, Mad Woman Scientist. Lexine often found great joy in experimenting with Mjolnir tech and combining Exile tech to make very interesting objects. Currently Lexine has bonded herself with a native Mjolnirin by the name of Kasmond Sisiro.

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