Observe, Study, Experiment, Assimilate.
Live Shell
Species Type Humanoid Insect
Homeworld N/A
Conservation Status Least Concern
Biological Information
Reproductive Method Oviparous
Average Height 2 metres
Average Weight 115 kilograms
Average Lifespan N/A
Notable Attributes
  • Resistant to Vacuum
  • Resistant to Radiation
  • Resistant to Disease
OOC Information
Creator Klaykid

Appearing around the Mjolnir galaxy around 105 AF, the Live Shells are as much of an enigma as the Ulraagi which they originate from. Initially thought to be scouts for a massive invasion force, the Live Shells were killed on sight in most areas in the Southern Rim. However, the existence of the Ulraagi is mostly unknown in parts of the galaxy near Confederate Space allowing for more diverse areas of travel for the Live Shells. Their presence is limited in all sections of space.


The Live Shells are humanoid bipedal insects with a hard and sturdy chitinous armour shell. The head of the Live Shell has four eyes, to near the front and two further back allowing for a wider line of sight. The hands and feet have three digits. It should also be noted that there exists vestigial limbs on the torso that vary in number from individual to individual.


Live Shells have a higher echelon specie dubbed Captains for their ability to command multiple Live Shells at a time. Captains are different from their hive minded counterparts as they are truly individuals in their own right. It is unknown why the Ulraagi created the captains other than to command Live Shells on worlds too far away from Ulraagi influence.

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