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Ossyrian line of fighting vehicles.


Heavily armoured vehicles


Royal Ossyrian Military


  • Royal Ossyrian Military



M-102 (Armoured Personnel Carrier) 'Diamond Back'Edit

M3Z-2 (Main Battle Tank) 'Rattlesnake'Edit

The production of the Locust MBT ceased in 78 AF in lieu of production costs. The M3Z-2 main battle tank uses a downgraded Locust engine (Daewoo 1500E) which allows more miles to the gallon, which isn't much of course. The M3Z-2 uses the same battle plating as the locust, however it is not as bulky as the vehicle. At the front of the vehicle is an MK 15 40mm belt fed automatic grenade launcher and the rear sports an ROM M230-B 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. The main armament is a 150 mm smooth bore high velocity cannon which fires an armour piercing ballistic capped round. With an efficient crew the M3Z-2 can fire fourteen rounds per minute. The hull is composite armour plating composed of depleted uranium strike paltes and Ossyrian battle plate mesh.

The sides of the tank are fitted with a eight barreled smoke grenade launchers that can be triggered by the driver. The smoke conceals the tank from thermal imaging. Like all Ossyrian combat vehicles, the M3Z-2 has an electronic countermeasure system (EC-1). A small antenna will emit a condensed infrared signal which confuses enemy targeting.

Inside the tank is a fire suppression system which automatically triggers in case of the obvious. This system is also available in the engine compartment. The ammunition is contained in armoured blowout panels to protect the crew from their own ordinance.

M33A3 (Fast Attack Tank) 'Viper'Edit

Essentially the M33A3 'Viper' fast attack tank is the same as the M3Z-2 'Rattlesnake' in terms of the hull and the countermeasures, however, the M33A3 'Viper' has more armaments despite having a smaller main gun. Typically, Vipers are used mainly by the Ossyrian Marine Corps as well as the 32nd Ossyrian Mechanized Infantry and the 75th Shock Regiment.

M33A3s are equipped with ceramic armour which protects the vehicle from armour piercing ammunition and artillery fragments. Reactive armoured tiles are also available for protection against rocket propelled ordinance. At the top of the M33A3 is a 355-Hellfire automated defense turret with a heavy .50 calibre machine gun that attempts to detect incoming enemy munitions and neutralize them. In case the machine gun fails to destroy the ordinance within fifty yards, the EC-1 electronic countermeasure system has been displaced to the 355-Hellfire turret.

The main gun of the M33A3 is the same bearing of the M3Z-2 except that the size of the projectile has been reduced down to 120 mm. At the top of the tank is a 7.62 mm machine gun and coaxial to the main gun is a 7.62 weapon loaded with armour piercing rounds. To the rear of the tank is an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) loaded with four trident missiles.

MX-201 (Tank Destroyer) 'Mamba'Edit

MT-41A2 (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) 'King Snake'Edit

M109A7 (Mobile Artillery Platform) 'Cobra'Edit

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