I'm a fifty-something robot with enough firepower at my command to blow up a star system. You can imagine how much time I don't have for this shit.

–Melissa Soutter, 127 AF

No bull, no problem.
Melissa Lee Soutter
Biographical Information
  • Human (70 AF - 92 AF)
  • Synthoid (92 AF - Present)
Gender Female
Born 70 AF
Birthplace Valour, Karsol
Political Information
  • Starpilot, Karsian Navy (89 AF - 92 AF)
  • Naval Officer, Hayakawa Executive Security (92 AF - 98 AF)
  • Starship Captain, New Ossyrian Stellar Navy (98 AF - Present)
Rank Rear Admiral
Combat Information
Fighting Style Naval Leadership
Combat Role Commanding Officer
OOC Information
Creator Akira

Melissa Soutter is a former member of the Karsian Navy, a Fleet Captain in the NOSN and the current Commanding Officer of the OSS Renaissance.  A veteran of two Travesti invasions and stubborn as any Old Ossyrian mule, Soutter's reputation as the single most hard-assed captain in the Southern Rim goes hand in hand with a history of pulling off the damn near impossible when thrown into command.


Personality and TraitsEdit

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