I fled my home planet, at war with an unknown enemy, fleeing everything I was and everything I was taught, except what I learned about battle. I went to the uncharted systems and lost stars. Why ? To find work as a freelance warrior. Couldn't hope better, living in a galaxy that was in a perpetual war.

Zorn Beilur

People who submit to be hired by the highest bidders. They are at war for a profit, or to flee their lives. After the powers were established in the galaxy, and planets began to fight for more ressources, many saw an opportunity to live off the deaths.

Mercenaries are now a common sight in Mjolnir, people who have no home and are always on the run. Doubled with the Empire's project to hire more mercenaries than their own soldiers, you can raise full armies of them.

Known mercenary groupsEdit

Axel's GangEdit

Mercenaries on the run from the Empire and the Hydra League. They were at some point hired by the Paladins . Their current state is unknown.

The HellknightsEdit

Soldiers who fled the Hell , largest prison of the Empire . They are on the run from the Empire.

Wrecked SteelEdit

People who fled their planets, wishing to live alone and on their own. They often work for shady employers.

Radioactive RoachEdit

Mercenaries working in very dark places. Some rumors say they are an undercover unit for an unknown group .

Lost Children PMCEdit

Child soldiers stolen from battlefields and raised as mercenaries. Renown for their ferocity, loyalty and skill.

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