Keeper of a dying memory
Miko Renée Hayakawa
Biographical Information
  • Human (5 AF - 45 AF)
  • Synthoid (45 AF - 129AF)
Gender Female
Born 5 AF
Died 129 AF
Birthplace Nashland, Ossyria
Spouse(s) Karen Harper (23 AF - 44 AF)
  • Lt. Jason Hayakawa (Deceased 38 AF)
  • Yuri Hayakawa (Deceased 41 AF)
Political Information
  • CEO, Hayakawa Technologies (36 AF - 62 AF, 70 AF - 98 AF)
  • Vice President, Republic of Ossyria (72 AF - 80 AF)
  • President, New Ossyrian Republic (98 AF - 129 AF)
OOC Information
First Appearance Rise 3: Absolution
Last Appearance Rise: Come and See
Creator Akira

Miko Renée Hayakawa was a former physicist, entrepreneur and both founder and CEO of Hayakawa Technologies, as well as the longtime President of the New Ossyrian Republic. An Ossyrian native born long before the rise of the Empire in a time when Ossyrians and Tyrans were brothers and humanity was the new kid on the block, Miko enjoyed a rise to the status of richest woman in the Southern Rim before her homeworld fell and formed a galactic power in the wake of the Reclaimer Wars. Her long stint as leader of the New Ossyrian Republic came to an end when she was found dead in her office in 129 AF after an apparent suicide.



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