Morgan Thurinos
Morgan Thurinos in scouting gear

Full Name

Ras Morgan Des'Thurinos


Lost Children PMC

Date of Birth

99 AF






Assault Rifle





Morgan Thurinos is a mercenary raised through Lost Children PMC since its conception. A master of survival techniques and reconnaissance, Morgan opted to train recruits and soldiers instead of lead troops directly into battle.


Recovered from raiding, looting bandits on the unstable planet of Kainoss IV in the wake of the The Reclaimation War by Sabishii Okaasan, the young boy was soon molded towards his future status as a mercenary-soldier.

Morgan showed the highest marks in the fields of wilderness survival, reconnaissance and guerrilla warfare; his mecha was unsurprisingly later geared with equipment to match. Thurinos mastery of traps and ambushes secured essential victories for the Lost Children PMC.

Though an excellent soldier and one of the best to emerge from the first generation, Morgan's skills were not enough to secure himself a position in the Sons of Fortune. Instead Okaasan herself asked him to stay and train her future troops to which he accepted with honor.

Morgan often helps plan and debrief missions while still finding time to train recruits. Though now limited to sparse missions, Thurinos has not lost his touch as a scout.


Initially traumatized and frozen with combat fears, years of stern discipline shaped Morgan into a loner. Without a desire for teammates or a need for support Thurinos excelled at reconnaissance. It's claimed that Morgan once waited cloaked right outside an enemy base for three whole days without being discovered, monitoring in pure silence. Morgan doesn't speak very often and is seen as unfriendly or even ice cold sometimes.


Morgan is trained with all standard Lost Children weaponry. However, as a scout, he chooses to not attack but rather monitor, study and relay the information


Main article: QU-Shu

The default mecha for the Lost Children, the QU-Shu HMV models were perfect to be modified and altered on a pilot's style. Morgan's HMV was given the Scout variant including deployable bombs, flamethrowers and an electronic-camouflage/cloaking ability.

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