Species Type Artificial Intelligence
Homeworld Diome
Biological Information
Average Lifespan Unknown
Notable Attributes
  • Shape-shifting body
OOC Information
Creator Burngirl

General OverviewEdit

Mootai (moot-eye) are a shape-shifting species, which earned them their nickname, Mutations.


They take on any living form they or their captors’ desire.

Mootai cannot shift into inanimate objects, but they conceal weapons underneath their skin.

Their original form is an almost transparent dark, smoky figure with eyes that glow different colors, reflecting their mood swings.

When someone hits a soft spot, they shed tears that turn into diamonds, which have made them a favorite among slavers.


The Mootai on their homeworld Diome remained undiscovered in the early stages of the universe. Untouched by influence, they lingered in the stone age, camouflaging from the predators that roamed their home.

Then explorers found their planet, following myths of the outlying, quiet planet. The Mootai soon grew to like their visitors, but as diamond tears of joy dripped from their faces, the invaders smiled greedily.

With little to no knowledge of technology, very few Mootai escaped the oncoming hordes of slavers. Scientists soon got in on the act, and established labs on Diome, cloning and growing the species, making them useful for corporations, agencies, politicians, royalty, etc.

As Diome became a popular pitstop for slavers, the exhaust from the space transports depleted the young atmosphere. Asteroids soon crashed into Diome’s surface. Inhabitants evacuated the dying planet before Diome’s sister moon, Marian, collided into it.

Mootai remain scattered about the galaxy either in captivity or roaming free.


Mootai lost all recordings of their history, drawn on caves where they hid from vicious predators.

Notable MutationsEdit

Diana Kanami

Ilipa Maliksi

Dahlia Kardash

Filip Reynolds

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