The Nightbringer. Very few people knew she even existed before a few years ago. She was as black as space itself, designed from the ground up to go completely undetected through the cosmos. A ghost ship for a ghost crew. That's all Pegasus was back then. Ghosts.

Dai-018 after being asked about the Pegasus Project, Moscow, 130 AF

Into The Black
NFS Nightbringer
Class Ghost-Class Stealth Frigate
Role Stealth Deployment Frigate
Manufacturer The Black Hand
Captain Captain Feodor Maistrov
Active 116 AF - Present
Technical Specifications
Hull 5 meter "Starscape" Plating
Length 2,986 meters
  • NFHSD-468 Hyperdrive
  • NFVE-72 Star Killer Engines
Range Galactic
Power Systems PSG-118 Plasma Fusion Generators
Combat Systems
Shields LVOS-245 Light Vessel "Olympiad"-Class Shielding
Anti-fighter Weaponry
  • NFPF-62 Pulse Fire Cannons (300)
  • Plasma Missile Bays
Anti-Capital Weaponry
  • NFRG-599 Rail Guns (4)
  • Lotus Missiles
Other Combat Systems Starscape-Class Stealth Generator
  • 6,000
  • 1,000 Pegasus HMV pilots
  • 500 Black Hand agents
Ground Vehicles 1000 HMVs
OOC Information
Creator Assassinfred

The NFS Nightbringer is a one of a kind ghost ship designed by members of The Black Hand commissioned alongside the Pegasus Project. Designed to travel through space completely undetected by friend and foe alike, it is designed to carry Pegasus members to their deployment safely and without detection, using state-of-the-art, highly experimental stealth systems. It remains the only vessel of its kind commissioned by the Northern Federation to this day, and has only been captained and crewed by members of the now-defunct Black Hand.


Nightbringer has been around as long as Pegasus has, and like us, no one even knew it existed.

Dai-018 after being asked about the Pegasus Project, Moscow, 130 AF


Development of NFS Nightbringer began in 104 AF alongside the Pegasus Project. It was designed to be a ghost ship, completely undetectable by both enemy and friendly forces, to transport the Federation's darkest secret through the cosmos.




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