Nano Knight Mk.II
Biographical Information
Race Artificial Life
Gender Female
Born Unknown
Died 89-90 AF (Rebirth)
Birthplace Star Group
Parents Nebula (creator)
Children None
Political Information
Affiliation(s) The Hellknights, Star Group
Occupation(s) Technicien/operator
Rank None
Combat Information
Fighting Style Ranged/Hand-to-hand (Post-corruption)
Combat Role Support
Weapons Sub-Machine Gun
HMV Red Madness
OOC Information
First Appearance Madness From Hell
Last Appearance N/A
Creator The Unknown

Born some decades earlier to the Reclaimation War, or so says her creator, Nebula, Nano is considered a machine with Artificial Intelligence, however on closer inspection she falls into Artificial Life.


Her creator, Nebula, was tasked by the Star Group to modify organic beings into machines, for the purpose of the group. However, he wished beyond this, he wanted to create a whole new species akin to the gods they were once. The newest of an experiment, Nano was also the only one who survived her birth.

She quickly developped a quirky and caring nature, but like a child, she was too naive and carefree for her own well-being.


After the other members of the Star Group learned about her existence, they imprisonned Nebula and turned her into an even more powerful version of herself, serving as their top assassin against a group known as the Hellknights ...


Nano was mostly destroyed following the annihilation of the Star Group, though several members of the Hellknights along with Nebula successfully salvaged her core components and recreated her. Even though she officially bears the name Nano Mk.II, she still goes by Nano, stating her dead state was more of a coma, and nothing as close as death.


She proved to Nebula that living beings could be reconstructed from barely nothing, prompting him to start the Genesis Project, or Rebirth, a way to keep people alive though a new body, even if machine, could allow them to live even after death. This was kept secret within the Hellknights, preventing exterior forces from acquiring such power.


Nano is kept hidden from strangers, rarely coming out of the Hell or the Hellhound for her own safety. Despite this, she successfully sneaked into a shuttle and went to Homeworld mere hours before the Battle of Homeworld, trying to get close to Guildenstern, which she had been observing for a moment, feeling they had a lot of similarities. However Earl quickly sent her back to the Hellhound before anything could happen.

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