C'mon, assholes, get a move on! Rangers lead the way!

–Captain Par'lev Surkesh, 103 AF

New Ossyrian Army Rangers
Historical Information
Allegiance New Ossyrian Republic
Origin New Ossyria
Location Southern Rim
Time Active 100 AF - Present
Organizational Information
Recruitment Type Special Selection
Headquarters Hiawatha Station, New Ossyria orbit
  • Major General Coleen Furclash
  • Lt. General Alexi Dorchev
Estimated Strength
Total Personnel
  • 200,000 Soldiers
  • 120,000 Sailors (dedicated support)
  • 28,000 AVC operators (dedicated support)
Naval Strength 400 dedicated support vessels
Vehicular Strength 7,000 dedicated support vehicles
OOC Information
First Appearance Rise: Under Siege
Creator Akira

The New Ossyrian Army Rangers are an elite division of the New Ossyrian Army dedicated to high-risk recon and assault operations. Often regarded as some of the best NOAF groundside forces have to offer, Rangers are held up by New Ossyrian media as stalwart warriors charging fearlessly against any and all threats to the Republic, an image not terribly far from the truth given the force's history of near-reckless assaults and hard-won victories.





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