Semper Frellin' Fi
Ninth Sector Fleet
Allegiance New Ossyrian Stellar Navy
Time Active 102 AF -Present
Headquarters OSS Renaissance (Flagship)
Leaders Rear Admiral Melissa Soutter
Total Personnel ~16,000,000
Naval Strength ~11,000 Vessels
OOC Information
First Appearance Rise: Come and See

The Ninth Sector Fleet is one of the sector fleets of the New Ossyrian Stellar Navy, and among its most decorated and well-known fleets. Originally formed as a part of the military buildup that occurred during the Siege of Canaan, the Ninth's status as both a veteran unit and the largest Battlestar Group in the NOR Navy has given it a widespread reputation as the best the NOSN has to offer. It boasts as its flagship the massive OSS Renaissance, the most advanced warship the NOR currently fields, and is commanded by Rear Admiral Melissa Soutter, a Karsian-born veteran who has faced down the Travesti horde on numerous occasions.

Currently, the fleet is deployed to the former Kistune League, and is tasked with defending Amaterasu against the Travesti invasion. Thanks to the status of the Renaissance as the de facto command vessel for the allied forces, the Ninth Fleet has unintentionally become NEDA's flagship unit in the drawn-out orbital battle.

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