From the Twin Stars.

–Motto of the Northern Federation Navy.

Northern Federation Navy
Northern Federation Navy
Flying between the stars.




Northern Rim


Time Active

57 AF - Present

Military Branch




500,000 fighting vessels

Sphere of Influence

  • Northern Rim
  • NEDA Space

Official Language(s)

  • Galactic Standard
  • Federate


The Northern Federation Navy are the space exploration, transport, and combat section of the Northern Federation. Being formed in 57 AF with the creation of the Northern Federation, it has served as the Northern Federation's first response to threats as well as the gateway between worlds and the discovery of new ones. It has fought amongst the stars for half a century, and will continue to do so for as long as the Northern Federation stands.


The Northern Federation Navy was formed in 57 AF at the end of the Great Northern War as part of the Northern Federation. It was originally composed of what remained of the navys of both the Northstar Alliance and the Union of Soviet Systems, which were combined when the Northern Federation was established. This gave the Navy a random hodge-podge of vessels in the beginning, making it look nonuniform and unprofessional. This changed when the government commissioned new vessels, going along with the Navy Doctrine that had been outlined.

It has since participated in every conflict the Northern Federation has had to date, and will continue to do so for as long as the Federation remains a government.


Combat DoctrineEdit

The Northern Federation Navy's combat doctrine is different from other factions in that it is focused more on fighters and other support craft rather than the large vessels themselves. Because of this, every Federation war vessel is a hybrid of a carrier and a combat class of vessel. This makes them much more well armed compared to the standard carrier at the cost of less armour. Because of this, the vessels themselves tend to stay back and fire from long range while the fighters, bombers, and HMVs fly out to engage in close quarters. They also have a very high number of support craft because of this, and several different types of them. This also means that the Navy has had several legendary pilots fighting within it's ranks.


Known FleetsEdit

  • The Angels of the North are one of, if not the, most famous fleet in the navy, and have served since the navy's inception.

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