An important event following the schism within the Paladins that started out as a simple but high-risk rescue. It involved the Paladins and Axel's Gang breaking in the Oasis prison facility, belonging to the Hydra League, in order to save Axel Erachin. Later on the Empire and Ray's mercenaries entered the battle.

It is known for involving many of the deadliest HMVs of its era, on all side of the conflict.


Paladin side: Edit

  • The death of Karl Vladick

Axel's Gang:Edit

  • Death of Tara Bei Fong and Ghost Rider.
  • Axel Erachin is saved.
  • The Paladins fled without them.

Empire's Side:Edit

  • Successful kill of Karl Vladick

Hydra League: Edit

  • Scions are integrated into their forces.

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