Of Sins and Syringes
Doctor Odysseus Timberfur
Biographical Information
Race Canis
Gender Male
Born 60 AF
Died -- AF
Birthplace Lycania
Parents Argo Timberfur
Children None
Political Information
Affiliation(s) Lost Children PMC
Occupation(s) Doctor, Mercenary
Rank n/a
Combat Information
Weapons None
HMV Hippocrates
OOC Information
First Appearance Rise: Elven Diplomacy
Last Appearance Rise V: Oblivion
Creator The Arbiter

Odysseus Timberfur was a freelance medical specialist and later team medic for Aerion Freeman's pirate crew. His expertise and knowledge extended further after the days of piracy, leading him to triage all forms of warzones. Eventually, Odysseus was found in the service of Sabishii Okaasan as the primary physician for all her children.


Odysseus was born to an unknown mother and legendary war criminal Argo Timberfur and served as the primary heir to Argo's fortune. In his childhood, he was raised in the far opposite of his father's shadow. Argo sought the finest teachers and the highest education for his son to prevent him from falling into the same path as his repenting father. Odysseus studied hard to become a doctor and accomplished his dream at an early age. Before his father passed, he left Odysseus a large lump sum of undocumented funds and a parting gift; an HMV suited to protect his only son. Odysseus left Lycania to aid others in the galaxy and donated his money to better causes than his own.

Timberfur's unique appearance made him an icon in multiple wars. His ability to work both sides for their safety's sake earned him a batch of nicknames, usually involving some derivative of 'dog' or 'doc'. His efforts led him to working with the legendary pirate Aerion Freeman and even later in life with the Lost Children PMC.


Doctor Timberfur is a polite, educated man with very little education on weapons or combat. His love for all will drive him to help even the most fallen foes. However, his higher-than-thou attitude often results in him being smarmy in his diagnosis.


Timberfur is a pacifist; he does not use any form of violence to solve his problem.


Hippocrates is an extremely armored, single-unit-chasis mecha. Though it lacks in weaponry, it makes up for it with shield deflectors, extreme defense and team support tactical devices such as smoke bombs or EMP traps.

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